Surgical Mask

Against harmful UV rays

Zinc Oxide is the main ingredient of sunscreen products.

  • Zinc Oxide can build a shiled on the cover of the skin, however, you skin will not absorb it and there is no irretation, allergy and acne for the skin.
  • When there is a light, Zinc Oxide is high refractive index and it will scattering the light, UVA and UVB barrier.

Do you know the advantages of smartcel ?

Zinc Oxide has got the certification of the physically sunproof with No Toxic, No Cancer Risk from EU in 2016

Surgical Mask

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Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation

Against haze PM2.5

Zinc Oxide can go through the gas molecules and make it pure

Particulate matter is a thousand times bigger than zinc oxide.
It cuts off the air pollution, particulate matter and haze

There are approximately 7,000 people die from the cancer in China, and air pollution is the killer.
Portable air purifier, fresh your air.

Protect sensitive skin

Zinc Oxide is massively used in baby products

Zinc Oxide forms a protection on the skin, calm the skin and prevent sensitivity and irrtation.
It also has the effect of dryness, convergence, isolate the wound area.

Zinc Oxide can stimulate the wound heal faster, anti-oxidation.
Zinc stimulates the neoepidermis grow faster and the high activity of anti-oxidation.

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation
Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation

Effective antimicrobial and anti-fungal

Long acting antibacterial, fight with over 600 bacteria.

1% concentration of zinc oxide can kill 99.93% of E. coli in 5 minutes.
Zinc oxide is not effected by high temperature, so your child can wear it to school happily.

Keep the mask in a long lasting sterile situation, so the bateria is not going to grow.
Zinc is chemical active, Zinc oxide can react with most organic compounds and kill the bacteria.

Strengthen the immune system

Maintain immune system and cells, makes you healthy

Growth and development
Strengthen the leukocyte in immune system, dysplasia is because of the lack of zinc.

Zinc can strengthen and increase Thymus and T cell of immune system.

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation
Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation


Not only kill the bacteria but also anti-mite

Mite nests on over 60% of people's face
With the zinc oxide cloth, you don't have to worry about mite.

Mite causes allergy, respiratory discomfort Zinc oxide can compelety kill the mite, give you a good quality of life back.


Beauty Bela Cosme CorporationAmino acid content
Tested by the ProteinAnalysis Center of the Bingen University of Applied
Beauty Bela Cosme CorporationEnvironmentally Friendliness
Certified by EU
Beauty Bela Cosme CorporationSafe enough for baby product
Tested by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
Beauty Bela Cosme CorporationNo allergic reactions in sensitive skin Radical-trapping properties based on ABEL®
Tested by University Clinic of Jena and
Beauty Bela Cosme CorporationCytotoxic Harmlessness
Tested by CYTOX
Beauty Bela Cosme CorporationSafe enough for baby product Tested by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
Beauty Bela Cosme CorporationEfficiency against house dust mites,Certified by EU Ecolabel
Beauty Bela Cosme CorporationSkin irritation and allergic reactions passed Effective against fungi: antimycotic activity accodingly AATCC 100,Test by Cytotoxicity
Beauty Bela Cosme CorporationEffect on the skin of the smartcel™ sensitive-fiber in a textile Certified by the Ostthüringische Materialprüfgesellschaft für Textil und Kunststoffe mbH OMPG

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