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ESCURA- “Pure Care” from Latin,

means back to the origin and the care for life.

All of the products’ materials from ESCURA are made of mineral, plants. The textile is natural and good for human’s health is because the process of making it is environmentally friendly, and with the elegant design, ESCURA shows the beauty of the LOHAS. No matter is bedding series or clothing, ESCURA insists to use high quality materials just want to satisfy people when they think of “good textile”. We wish this insistence could bring you a brand new LOHAS experience.

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation

ESCURA knows

ESCURA knows the mattress and mattress protector which using polyester is not breathable and people is no longer require this kind of products while the technology is progressing.



Zinc is an essential nutrients the human body needs. Many enzyme reactions in the body must be contributed by zinc. For the body's immune system, the effect of maintaining health must be achieve through zinc. Zinc is one of the indispensable elements to the human body.

Zinc can be block interference of metabolism caused by bacteria. It can stop bacteria formation and suppress the occurrence of odor.

Zic can increase skin metabolism, protect sensitive skin and lower risks from damages caused to the skin by outer environment pollutions.

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation

Zinc is an important substance in the composition of enzymes. When the skin releases moisture zinc can effectively reduce the combination of moisture and bacteria, thus inhibiting bacteria growth on the skin.

Zinc in regulating gene expression, is responsible for binding of DNA. The function of the gene expression changes is an important regulatory mechanism. Zinc is an important source of nutrients required for the growth of sexual organs. Many molecules of protein transcription factors containing zinc structures.

When the skin releases moisture, active reaction between the skin and fiber is produced and blocks bacteria growth.

  • Prevents bacteria infection and influences reproduction functions
  • Breathable material, dry and refreshing
  • Private area protection, bacteria growth inhibition
  • Improves immunity, reinforces memorising abilities
  • Raises cognitive skills
  • Improves brain activity, bring good health to you.
  • Reduces anxiety, relieves stress, raises comfortable perceptions
  • Better body and mind for a better life.
Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation


can inhibit active oxidation and reduces rapid aging.

  • It can block outer pollutions and oxidation.
  • By reducing oxidation caused, cell reproduction speed is increased to raise metabolism.
  • Protection on the skin by zinc is long term and enforced.
  • Enhance skin, hair, and nail growth. Also increases inflammation and wound healing.

Zinc is an essential nutrient to the human body

Zinc is an essential nutrient to the human body, it is present in many natural oyster, pearl, and minerals. Many molecules of protein transcription factors containing zinc structures. Zinc helps the formation of an important source of protein that is required by bones. Zinc can block harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent the loss of important vitamins from the body.

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation

Cell Solution

Cell Solution® Clima fiber

Cell Solution® Clima fiber is a PCM (Phase Change Material) micro composite of the latest fiber manufacturing generation with thermo regulating features. It’s an essential technology and functional improvement in comparison to the classic phase change materials. With this high technology, ESCURA mattress protector can maintain the temperature at 32°C, neither cold nor hot.

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation

Luxury version is Cell Solution® Clima + smartcel, with anti-bacteria and anti-mite, the mattress protector will not have the sweating scent and mite. ESCURA Cell Solution® Clima mattress protector protects not only mattress but also cherish the owner. Cell Solution® Clima: Cell Solution® Clima fiber is a PCM (Phase Change Material) micro composite of the latest fiber manufacturing generation with thermo regulating features. It’s an essential technology and functional improvement in comparison to the classic phase change materials. Via direct spinning paraffin is embedded in crystalline and tearresistant Cell Solution® functional lyocell fibers during this patented process. Thus unequaled many micro composite accumulators per unit of cellulose can be processed, to the effect that with comparable textile features greater heat accumulator capacity can be achieved. PCM Textile manufactured on the basis of Cell Solution® Clima is adjusted to the skin’s comfort temperature of 30o C. It will absorb excessive bodyheat, and when the temperature drops, dispense it again. Thus temperature regulation is assured, providing extraordinary wearing comfort and an excellent microclimate.

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation

smartcel™ sensitive:

With smartcel™ sensitive, smartfiber AG has introduced the first fiber containing the essential trace element zinc onto the market. The high-quality zinc oxide is integrated into the smartcel™ sensitive fiber, which provides cosmetic and regenerative properties in conjunction with effective protection against environmental influences, and an antibacterial effect*, in textiles (*for detailed information, see page 4 of the press release). Therefore smartcel™ sensitive has discovered the secret to natural freshness. They want nature-based textiles with a positive effect on their skin, which SeaCell™ provides.

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation

SeaCell™ :

Seaweed contains more minerals, vitamins and trace elements than any other natural product and causes a positive stimulation of the entire organism. Seaweed stores and highly compresses the active ingredients of the sea, like amino acids, iodine and mineral salts. Thus, the active ingredients of 100,000 liters of seawater are contained in one kilogram of dried seaweed. Due to their high content of health-promoting elements, seaweed has versatility; including as a food additive. The high content of polysaccharides also makes it a popular ingredient in the cosmetics industry. Therefore SeaCell™ relies on seaweed as an elementary additive in a high quality fiber. SeaCell™ means wellness for the skin. SeaCell™ means immersing yourself and feeling good, day and night. The fiber stands for regeneration and lifestyle, and brings quality back into everyday life. It corresponds to the expectations of modern, active consumers.

ESCURA Application

Opportunities to use ESCURA

  • Home textiles such as linens, pillows and blankets
  • Sleepwear and underwear
  • Sport clothing
  • Leisure clothing
  • Child and infant clothing

  • Bedspreads & Coverlets
  • smartcelMattress Pads
  • smartcelBed Pillows
  • smartcelQuilts

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