“The secret of natural freshnes”

smartcel™ sensitive contains only the best ingredients. Using only high-quality, medically approved zinc oxide, smartcel™ sensitive combines regenerative and skin protective effects with hygienic properties.
smartfiber AG's patented manufacturing process is embedding zinc oxide permanently into the fiber.

At the minimum, it fulfils the purity requirements of the valid pharmacopoeia. The fi elds of applications of pharma grade 4 zinc white are,among others, pharmacy, cosmetics and dental chemistry and nutritional supplements. It is also ideally applicable in dressing materials and plasters. The fi ber permits quicker skin regeneration and complication-free wound healing.

Why we need it in life?
Zinc can also prevent the formation of bacteria and restrain the odor, and it againsts more than 600 kinds of bacteria effectively. Keep away the invasion of bacteria and virus from body, strengthen the immune system.

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Zinc –essential trace element, integrated into a skin-caring fiber

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation


How zinc kill the bacteria?

After the adsorption and exchange of bacteria and zinc oxide, the positive ion from zinc oxide absorbs the negative ion from bacteria, so it breaks the cell wall of bacteria, and it dies from self-decomposition.

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smartcel™ sensitive has a cosmetical effect, regenerates and protects against harmful environmental influences


It contributes to cell regeneration and skin renewal and thereby promotes the healing of wounds or inflammation.

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation
Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation

UV protection

Protection against UV rays. Zinc oxide is present in sunscreens. Hohenstein Institute of Germany confirmed this while testing textile material with smartcel™ sensitive (composition: 80 % cotton, 20 % smartcel™ sensitive): they lauded the fiber as an "excellent protection" against UVA and UVB rays.

Protection against free radicals

The valuable substances in the zinc oxide provide a protective shield against negative environmental influences - such as free radicals.The zinc oxide in smartcel™ sensitive reduces skin damage and premature skin aging.

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation
Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation


Miracle cures for the skin Your skin needs nutrients to stay healthy and beautiful. Mineral substances and trace elements are important, for example, since they invigorate your metabolism. In addition they have a positive impact on cell renewal, water balance, the healing of wound sand protect from the sun. Amino acids have a smoothing effect, while vitamins support the natural protective role of the skin and protect it from free radicals.

Home textiles

Also for use in home textiles such as bed linen, bedding, mattresses and towels smartcel™ sensitive is the ideal fiber. The tests are affirmed by the renowned Hohenstein Institute. They confirm a transfer of zinc ions even from duvet fillings with smartcel ™ sensitive - which indeed touch the skin not directly - directly to the skin of the sleeping person that exert their positive skin regenerative effect there.

In eczema clothing smartcel™ sensitive gives people with sensitive skin relief. And even in dressing materials and plasters the zinc fiber is ideally applicable. It allows a faster skin regeneration and a complication-free wound healing.

Beauty Bela Cosme Corporation

smartcel™ Application

Opportunities to use smartcel™

  • Home textiles such as linens, pillows and blankets
  • Sleepwear and underwear
  • Sport clothing
  • Leisure clothing
  • Child and infant clothing

  • Shirt
  • SeaCellGloves
  • SeaCellSports clothing
  • SeaCellUnderwear
  • SeaCellFashion apparel
  • SeaCellTowel
  • SeaCellBathrobes
  • SeaCellBaby clothing
  • SeaCellSock
  • SeaCellPants
  • SeaCellPajamas
  • SeaCellRiding Related Products
  • SeaCellHat
  • SeaCellGoggles
  • SeaCellWool fabric
  • SeaCellFunctional clothing
  • SeaCellScarf
  • SeaCellSafety gloves
  • SeaCellT Short/Long T Short
  • SeaCellDresses

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