CELLULOSE FIBER ZINC TURNS TEXTILES SKIN CARE PRODUCTS modelvita.com editorial | April 7, 2014 | Accessories, beauty Smartcel in cellulose fiber with zinc turns textiles skincare products The Story of smartcel ™ sensitive How did the idea for the development of smartcel ™ sensitive fiber? Smartfiber AG was confronted by customers coming back with a request from all areas of textile industry. "We need a fiber the antibacterial effect, while also protecting the skin and even cares." No sooner said than done. In cooperation with the Thuringian Institute of Textile and Plastics Research (TITK) finally created a functional fiber with the ingredient zinc. The advantage: Zinc is a natural element which has an antibacterial effect, at the same time has a positive influence on the human body and thus to the skin.

What is so extraordinary to smartcel ™ sensitive?
The smartcel ™ sensitive fiber uses the skin care effect of the essential trace element zinc. These high-tech fiber combined by the use of high quality natural and even medically approved zinc oxide regenerating and nourishing effects with hygienic properties.

This benefits our skin. In its function as a shield of the body it receives support and care of textiles with smartcel ™ sensitive. Nothing has every day so close contact with our skin as clothing, home textiles and underwear. The smartcel ™ sensitive fiber uses this connection by contributing the best elixir of life Zinc: the cosmetic effect for our skin.

In the preparation of this natural fiber is dispensed with the use of nanotechnology, and aggressive chemicals. smartcel ™ is sensitive Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, product class 1 (for baby products). Developed on a high scientific level, patented fiber technology is permanently functioning, that is it has a lasting effect on the life of the fabrics. The fiber consists of a biogenic raw material, which is environmentally friendly, conserves resources and biodegradable 100 percent. Your skin says thank you!

What are the benefits of zinc for the people?
Zinc is all over the world in the earth's crust, especially in ores present. It is vital for the people. More than any other nutrient zinc has great impact on our well-being. It is to iron the most abundant trace element in the human body and causes in humans, animals and plants for healthy growth. Zinc in the body is omnipresent and crucial for the core functions of the organism. To strengthen the immune system and zinc defenses, sensory functions and fertility.

Also for the diet Zinc plays an important role. It is involved as part of over 100 enzymes in the digestion and utilization of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, closely involved in the energy production and prevents deficiency symptoms. Animal foods such as meat, fish, seafood and cheese, but also oatmeal or whole wheat flour have a high zinc content.

In any form of zinc used in the smartcel ™ sensitive fiber?
smartcel ™ sensitive includes zinc white Pharma 4. Manufactured from zinc metal, pharmaceutical grade zinc oxide meets the purity requirements DAB 10 and other international regulations for drug preparation. The zinc oxide we use all day - in sunscreens to protect against harmful UV rays, in ointments, powders, high quality face creams, Babyplegeprodukten and toiletries. In all these products, the zinc oxide support the natural processes of the skin, promotes wound healing and fights inflammation of the skin.

The smartcel ™ sensitive fiber uses this skin care effect of zinc oxide for textiles with gentle and regenerative effect. As a component of skin-regenerating enzymes the zinc oxide bound into the fiber acts directly on the skin. This smartcel ™ possesses the secret sensitive natural freshness.

Which fabrics suitable smartcel ™ sensitive special?
In the further development of smartcel ™ sensitive smartfiber AG retained the suggestions of customers of all textile segments in mind. Thus, the zinc fiber is ideal for use in all textiles. smartcel ™ is sensitive u.v.m. combined with all common fiber types, such as. Synthetic, Cotton

The fiber remains in effect even when wool blends. In order to guarantee the effect, only ten per cent of smartcel ™ sensitive fiber are needed in Endgewebe. The fiber can be easily integrated into all textile standard processes (eg. Dyeing and Finishing). In addition to an increase in wearing comfort and protection against pollution the revitalizing properties of the fiber benefit everyone. This is also true for offices, workrooms, sports and leisure textiles such as baby and children's clothing, underwear and socks.

For use in home textiles such as bedding, linens, mattresses and towels smartcel ™ is the ideal sensitive fiber. The tests confirm the renowned Hohenstein Institute. They have a transfer of zinc ions even bedspreads fillings with smartcel ™ sensitive - which indeed touch the skin not directly - directly to the skin of the sleeper and fully develop its positive skin regenerative effect.

In clothing and medical textiles follow the entire thickness of the fiber Power: the cosmetically-nourishing effect in combination with the antibacterial activity - thanks to the high proportion of zinc oxide. This particular antibacterial effect even helps in solving current health issues such as the fight against antibiotic-resistant germs (MRSA).

For this reason, the fiber is already increasingly being used in medical applications such as surgical gowns, medical workwear and hospital textiles. Also in eczema clothing gives smartcel ™ sensitive people with sensitive skin relief. And even in dressing materials and plasters which zinc-fiber is ideal applicable. It allows faster skin regeneration and wound healing without complications.

Who is the company behind the fiber?
Smartfiber AG based in Rudolstadt (Thuringia) was founded of 2005. It develops and distributes natural-based lyocell fibers with different functionalities for the international market. The technology is based on many years of research and development activities of the renowned Thuringian Institute of Textile and Plastics Research (TITK) in Rudolstadt.

The smartfiber AG has been able to integrate function permanently by a patented process natural additives with a positive effect on the skin in a cellulose fiber. The high-tech fibers under the labels SeaCell ™ and smartcel ™ sensitive are the basis for innovative products in the textile and non-woven segment. Smartfiber AG attaches great importance to quality checks by independent institutes and laboratories.

To guarantee the quality processing of the fibers, the company works throughout the textile processing industry with selected international manufacturing partners. Since the end of 2011 smartfiber fibers from Lenzing AG, the world market leader for man-made cellulose fibers are produced exclusively for smartfiber AG. The fiber technology smartfiber AG has received several awards, among others 2010 known with the "German Innovation Award”.

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